Robert G Thompson

Player ID5669
First NameRobert G
Last NameThompson
User ID0
Player listsMaidstone,Weald of Kent
ClubWeald of Kent (6140)
Local Rating0
Local Rapid Rating1500
FIDE Code431303
FIDE Federation
ECF Rating Code (links to rating system)281305B
Membership Number (from rating list)ME028061
Membership CategoryGold
ECF Rapid OTB August1542P
ECF Rapid OTB January1542P
ECF Rapid OTB September1542P
ECF Standard OTB August1600A
ECF Standard OTB January1632A
ECF Standard OTB September1600A
ECF Standard OTB September Old1639K
ECF Rapid OTB Monthly0
ECF Standard OTB Monthly1583A
ECF Rapid OTB Latest1542P
ECF Standard OTB Latest1583A
FIDE Standard0
FIDE Rapid1602
FIDE Blitz0