Lowestoft Chess Club - Auto Rating Status

Events with a status of OK will be sent to the rating system automatically. Events with results updated since 2024-07-14 will be included next time the process runs. The Resubmit button sends the event for rating immediately, although it will get sent again the next time the automated process runs anyway

OrganisationSeasonEventLatestLMS Rating CodeNew ResultsTotal ResultsRated ResultsAuto Rating StatusResubmit
Lowestoft Chess Club2022 Lowestoft Championship 2023-06-13LN00003258151515OKResubmit
Lowestoft Chess Club2022 President’s Trophy2023-04-04LN00003822111OKResubmit
Lowestoft Chess Club2022 Lowestoft Club Championship 2024 2024-07-01LN00005528151515OKResubmit