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Photos from the 2024 SCL AGM

Previous Seasons:
I have started to add the older results to the Previous Seasons tab on LMS. Stats and ratings will not be shown, but this seems a good place to hold these.

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Southampton Chess League Rules (Aug 2023):

Southampton Chess League Code of Conduct:

Rate of play
80 mins plus 10 secs increments for three hour playing session.
65 mins plus 10 secs increments for two and a half hours playing session.
90 mins for all moves where digital clocks not available, or when agreed by match captains.

Additional details will be in the rules above.

Welcome to the SCL on-line Match Results Reporting
If you have access to enter results, then select the Match Event from the list on the left, then click on the Match result to enter details.
If details of the Match have already been entered then you will need to 'Verify' the result. For results to be processed they do not have to be verified though.
Please report any errors or problems to Graham Stuart.

(1) If you have a player in your team who is not on your 'drop down' Club player list, then if you are an owner of your club you can add the player. Any issues contact Graham Stuart, who will also have access to add existing / new players.
(2) If you have a player with a P rating you may wish to add an estimate rating to the match card to ensure the opponents captain is aware.