Southampton Chess League - Games By Non-ECF Members

OTB Games played in active seasons by players who are not ECF members or whose membership expires before June 30th or the game was played after their membership expired. Note that although not members now, they could have been members when the games were played.

NameClubECF CodeMembership No.Number of gamesReason
Harry SmithBasingstoke3458773315312Expiry before June 30th
Ralph MorleyBasingstoke3439223009710Expiry before June 30th
Milen KortmanSouthampton University356210395848Expiry before June 30th
Ojas DhallBasingstoke346345408677Expiry before June 30th
Doug BeerWinchester323174209167Expiry before June 30th
Daniel Andrei AronSalisbury350760451943Expiry before game
Jai Krishnan S KSouthampton University03Non Member
Liviu LeonovSalisbury02Non Member
Ashish BramhaneSouthampton University3617432Non Member
Joel SheldonSouthampton University350762353032Expiry before game
Barry DiaperSalisbury19273719772Non Member
Rafael BarguirdjianWinchester3614482Non Member
Josiah WebbSouthampton353286373291Expiry before June 30th
Josiah WebbSouthampton353286373291Expiry before game
Gareth HowellHamble01Non Member
Ashish BramhaneSouthampton University01Non Member
Miren SanghrajkaSouthampton University01Non Member
Harry SmithBasingstoke345877331531Expiry before game
Ralph MorleyBasingstoke343922300971Expiry before game

Based on membership information from the rating system updated on Sat 15th June 2024 .