Team Captains

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Aigburth 1Provisional MCA Division 1Steve Lee***************
Aigburth 2Provisional MCA Division 2Tony McNamara***************
Aigburth 3Provisional MCA Division 3Sean Kane***************
Aigburth 4Provisional MCA Division 4Andrei Tamboi***************
Aigburth DW 7200Provisional MCA Dave Welch League (7200)Dave Pearcey***************
Aigburth JD (6200)Provisional MCA John Davis League (6200)Alistair Bond***************
Aigburth John RipleyConfirmed John Ripley HandicapSteve Lee***************
Aigburth KA1Confirmed Knotty Ash CupAlistair Bond***************
Atticus 1Provisional MCA Division 1Sanjoy Banerjee***************
Atticus 2Provisional MCA Division 1Steve Burge***************
Atticus DW 7200Provisional MCA Dave Welch League (7200)Steve Burge***************
Atticus JD1 6200Provisional MCA John Davis League (6200)Liam David Fisher***************
Atticus John RipleyConfirmed John Ripley Handicapstephen kee***************
Atticus KA1Confirmed Knotty Ash CupTom Webb***************
Formby 1Provisional MCA Division 2David McKee***************
Formby 2Provisional MCA Division 4Paul Sutton***************
Formby DW 7200Provisional MCA Dave Welch League (7200)David***************
Formby JD 6200Provisional MCA John Davis League (6200)rob haseman***************
Formby John RipleyConfirmed John Ripley HandicapJohn Grady***************
Formby KA1Confirmed Knotty Ash Cuprob haseman***************
Hoylake DW 7200Provisional MCA Dave Welch League (7200)Mike Stoddart***************
Hoylake JD 6200Provisional MCA John Davis League (6200)matthew battersby***************
Hoylake KA1Confirmed Knotty Ash CupMike Stone***************
John Littlewood 1Provisional MCA Division 1Jordan S Lee***************
John Littlewood JD 6200Provisional MCA John Davis League (6200)Keeghan McGarry***************
John Littlewood John RipleyConfirmed John Ripley HandicapRoger Williamson***************
John Littlewood KA1Confirmed Knotty Ash CupKeeghan McGarry***************
Liverpool 1Provisional MCA Division 1Mike Clarke***************
Liverpool 2Provisional MCA Division 1Dylan Mize***************
Liverpool 3Provisional MCA Division 2David Leeming***************
Liverpool 4Provisional MCA Division 3Ian Nicholson***************
Liverpool 7 ColtsProvisional MCA Division 4Rob Steele***************
Liverpool KA1Confirmed Knotty Ash CupPeter Mellor***************
Prescot Knotty Ash 1Provisional MCA Division 2Kevin Sartain***************
Prescot Knotty Ash 2Provisional MCA Division 4Mike O'Mahony***************
Prescot Knotty Ash DW 7200Provisional MCA Dave Welch League (7200)Kevin Sartain***************
Prescot Knotty Ash John RipleyConfirmed John Ripley HandicapKevin Sartain***************
Prescot Knotty Ash KA1Confirmed Knotty Ash CupJohn Southcote***************
Skelmersdale 1Provisional MCA Division 2Bart McHugh***************
Skelmersdale John RipleyConfirmed John Ripley HandicapRussell Cowell***************
Southport 2Provisional MCA Division 3Christopher James Kaye***************
Southport 3Provisional MCA Division 4Andrew Williams***************
Southport John RipleyConfirmed John Ripley HandicapPhil Ramsey***************
Southport KA1Confirmed Knotty Ash CupPeter Jenner***************
Wallasey AProvisional MCA Division 1Leon Wolszczak***************
Wallasey BProvisional MCA Division 2Dave Barnes***************
Wallasey CProvisional MCA Division 3Ronald Rennie***************
Wallasey DProvisional MCA Division 3Saul Marks***************
Wallasey EProvisional MCA Division 4Alan Kelly***************
Wallasey John RipleyConfirmed John Ripley HandicapEddie Taylor***************
Wallasey KA1Confirmed Knotty Ash CupLeon Wolszczak***************
Waterloo 1Provisional MCA Division 2Peter O’Driscoll ***************
Waterloo DW 7200Provisional MCA Dave Welch League (7200)Brian Butterworth***************
Waterloo JD 6200Provisional MCA John Davis League (6200)Chris Burr***************
Waterloo John RipleyConfirmed John Ripley HandicapPeter O’Driscoll ***************
Waterloo KA1Confirmed Knotty Ash CupChris Burr***************