Edit Event Fixtures

The Edit Fixtures tab reached by selecting an event from the fixtures list on the left hand side is for modifying or adding fixtures to an event.

The Add Fixture option is for adding one fixture to an event. It would normally only be used for a knockout event, the league fixtures having been generated using the Generate Fixtures option under the admin/fixtures tab.

The edit fixtures table has the following columns:

  • Edit - edit the fixture details, e.g. teams.
  • Home and Away teams - just link to the team.
  • Swap Teams - swaps the home and away teams on the fixture.
  • Date - puts up a date popup to change the date.
  • Delete - deletes the fixture
  • Time - links to the edit to change fixture time.
  • Lock - locks the fixture so it can't be changed by the clubs.


Please change fixture for medway 4 versus hastings and st leonards on wednesday 24/01/2024 to 03/04/2024.
thank you
u jozwiak